Tryout Weekend

by Ricardo Garza

Club Atletico hosted the first round of tryouts this weekend.  Club Atletico registered 40 players eager to join the 2020 roster and represent saint louis in the heartland conference.  The next round of tryouts will be in April with an exhibition game.  coach garza and club atletico scouts have selected 18 players to return for the exhibition weekend.

"I believe we have identified the most quality players in one day of tryouts than any other year.  we only have 12-15 spots available to fill this season which will make the next round of tryouts very difficult to decide the best players.  i already know we have several midfielders up for one or two positions, however we have already considered playing some players in a new position because of their talent level.  we'd hate to pass away quality talent but unfortunately we only have so many spots per position to have a manageable quality team." - ricardo garza | head coach

 the club atletico saint louis bluebirds are back in action this may with a home opener Saturday, Memorial weekend, followed by four consecutive Sundays in June.