Club Atletico adds "3rd" Semi-Pro Team

by CASTL Media

Club Atletico Saint Louis are growing a third team based on the needs of our soccer community. The NPSL U23, MWPL U21 will now have another team to feed them, UPSL U19. The UPSL team will officially compete in 2024, in the time being the team will play exhibition games against UPSL and other Semi-Pro teams this summer.

We have more than enough quality players to fill three teams this summer.  We started with an invitation only tryout to build a core group of U23 and U19 players.  After the tryout, we realized we have a strong U23 and U21 team with some younger U19 future players in the mix.  The following week was overwhelming with emails and texts from more players requesting a tryout.  The pool of new players looked strong enough to hold one more tryout.  So we did, and the result was to make a third team and divide the three teams initially by age.  After two weeks of training the team will restructure and make each team competitive as possible. -Ricardo Garza, Head Coach